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Our lawsuit advance funding can help you with your financial needs while you recover from your injuries. Many accident victims lose months of earnings, and some are never able to return to their previous jobs, or to work at all, if they have sustained permanent and disabling injuries. Consequently, some injury claimants settle early, or for less than the value of their claims, because of financial obligations that have become too burdensome. With pre-settlement or post-settlement lawsuit funding, you can relieve that pressure by quickly obtaining the funds you need now.


We offer non-recourse settlement funding, which means that you borrow funds against the future settlement value of your case. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. We assume all the risk and offer the lowest cash advance rates in the industry.


We are direct lenders, so we do not have to rely on or wait for outside funding sources to review your case. Our application is free, and you are under no obligation to accept our litigation funding offer. We do not do credit checks or have to verify employment. All we require is that you have legal representation and a viable lawsuit. If we approve your application, we can get cash to you within 24 hours, in most cases.

Even the most well-intentioned lawsuits can unexpectedly cost clients thousands of dollars in added expenses, with the combination of time away from work, the discovery period required to build a strong case, and the higher fees charged by both today’s attorneys and the court systems that are used to decide each case. With the financial burden only increasing on average consumers who look to file lawsuits, and the fees only causing higher costs for law firms, it can be hard to decide whether or not a lawsuit is actually worth it.

That’s where lawsuit funding comes in. These unique loans allow both clients and their attorneys to fund their prosecution of a case without worrying about the financial burden that might otherwise be placed on them in the process. Because lawsuit loans like these are designed and offered only by companies that understand the legal profession and its unique concerns, they work with the pre-settlement funding or post-settlement funding process and offer a stress-free way to seek justice in any situation.

The Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance: Why Clients and Attorneys Should Choose Legal Funding

While lawsuit loans are easily the best option for clients and attorneys who need to fund a case, they’re not the only option currently on the market to cover financial shortfalls. Indeed, aside from legal funding options, consumers and their representatives can choose traditional bank loans and even business loans to fund the prosecution of a strong case against a party that has wronged them. The problem, though, is that those more traditional loans are harder to get, they present an undue financial burden during the course of the court case, and they can become unnecessarily expensive by the time litigation has completed and a settlement offer is on the table. For those considering more traditional lending options, it’s worth understanding the unique benefits of lawsuit funding and how it works.

Repay only if you win your case: Pre-Settlement Funding Reduces Potential Financial Headaches

Traditional personal loans or business loans from a major financial institution can lead to major headaches for borrowers during the course of their lawsuit and the related processes that ensure a strong outcome. That’s because these loans require repayment almost immediately after they’re issued to either a client or their attorney. Banks will expect monthly installments roughly 30 days after dispersing the approved loan amount, and that can almost work against the very nature of lawsuit funding concerns in the first place.

That’s not how our legal funding cash advances, designed by a unique kind of funder, are designed to work. Instead of requiring monthly installment payments almost immediately after the funds are made available to consumers and their legal representatives, pre-settlement funding balances are not due to be repaid to the lender until the lawsuit is completed and a settlement offer is actually advanced to your attorney. This means that the pre-settlement financial burden placed on consumers by a settlement cash advance is virtually zero.

Consumers don’t need to add another monthly bill to their existing financial obligations during this time of crisis. Likewise, attorneys don’t need to increase the financial burden on their firm when they’re already trying to reserve funds for the prosecution of a tough case and a great settlement offer. By reducing the repayment burden and putting it off until after the suit is completed, pre-settlement loans erase a great deal of stress and they ensure that both clients and attorneys can focus more on the legal issues at hand.

Chances of Approval are Higher with Pre-Settlement Funding or a litigation Cash Advance

Another common problem of more traditional bank loans for consumers and business owners is that they’re often quite tough to get, especially in an era when credit markets have become increasingly tighter and banks have made their underwriting requirements a great deal more strict. When combined with the fact that many litigation financing applicants have suffered from employment and credit problems during the recent recession, big bank loans can be largely out of reach for a broad cross-section of today’s clients and even their attorneys.

That is not the case with pre-settlement funding options offered by companies like ours that specialize in this particular type of financing. All lending decisions and financial transactions are handled in-house, with no need to rely on larger financial institutions of vast, critical underwriting departments that can deliver a great deal of bad news to applicants. Instead, lawsuit funding advance cash applicants will find that their chances of approval are increased. This is because the approval decision is based on the strength and eventual financial outcome of the lawsuit.

Typically, pre-settlement funding applicants are judged more on the merits of their case and the expected financial results of that case, rather than on their FICO score or a consumer credit report. This should be a big relief to those who have learned to expect the worst when filing a credit or loan application of any kind. The vast majority of legal funding applications produce positive results, and that’s good for all sides of the matter.

Legal Funding: Repayment is Largely Automated at the Conclusion of the Lawsuit

The great thing about settlement funding is that repayment of the advance is actually easier than it is with virtually any other financing product. Instead of monthly installments either during or after litigation, legal settlement funding pursues repayment by requiring a certain amount of the lawsuit settlement to be paid to the funder. Settlement funding will typically finance a consumer’s case based on advancing 10 to 15 percent of the expected settlement amount. That amount will then be deducted at the conclusion of the case.

This means that both attorneys and their clients can count on settlement financing to be easier than traditional bank loans or other funding options that might be presented to them during the course of legal action. There is no need to repay the loan long after the lawsuit is completed, with personal injury settlement funding you only repay your funder out of the proceeds of your lawsuit.

Getting Cash for Your Lawsuit: What to Have on Hand When Applying for Litigation Financing

Like any funding application process, applying for lawsuit loans requires some information to be entered into an application so that underwriters can determine the validity of the suit, the type of the lawsuit being prosecuted, and its chances of eventual success in the courtroom. Those applying for a pre-settlement funding option should make sure to have a few essential pieces of information on hand to ensure that the application is as quick and as easy as possible.

Attorney Name and Contact Information is Essential for Lawsuit Cash Advances

Though litigation financing companies are much more likely to approve financing for consumers than traditional banks are, they still require a way to verify that an actual lawsuit is pending and that it requires some degree of financing for the client. For those clients that require any amount of cash in advance of a lawsuit, attorney contact information is absolutely essential.

Prior to issuing lawsuit cash advances, litigation finance companies will check the attorney reference information provided and they’ll often call the attorney to verify that a case is pending. They’ll discuss the nature of the case, its chances of settling, and the likely amount that the case will be settled for. This information will be crucial to approving a loan amount and offering the best possible terms for a cash advance on your lawsuit.

Personal Contact Information is Required for Personal injury Lawsuit Loans

Be prepared to provide the standard contact information that all funders require when seeking approval for lawsuit loans. Typically, lawsuit cash advances will require a home mailing address, contact phone number, and email address.

The attorney contact information helps litigation financing companies reduce their risk when offering lawsuit cash advances.

Be Prepared to Discuss the Nature of the Case When Applying

Lawsuit cash advances are based on the potential for a settlement in the end, and that settlement is used as the guideline when advancing money to a client or attorney during the pre-settlement funding phase. This means that, in order to get cash for your lawsuit, you will need to be able to identify the type of case being pursued. Most applications ask for a basic case type, whether it’s because of an accident, a personal injury, workplace discrimination, or some other matter.

If this information is not yet known, it’s often okay to leave the case information off of the application. Litigation financing Companies will still be able to contact an attorney and discuss the case, working to issue cash for your lawsuit while filling in the gaps on an application. Even so, any information that a consumer can disclose will help final approval and boost the loan amount accordingly.

For Attorneys: Cash For Your Lawsuit Will Require Business Information

If you’re an attorney seeking a cash advance on your lawsuit or basket of lawsuits, the application process will differ just a bit from what the average consumer typically sees.Tthe application will instead ask about the firm, its location and contact information, and information about yearly earnings and overall financial needs for an upcoming suit.

Be prepared to discuss the business on the application, as this will be essential when the funder decides whether to offer advance cash for your lawsuit as it moves forward. By providing a full slate of information on the firm’s income and billings, the nature of the case, and the way the funds will be used during litigation, the chances of approval for the loan are increased exponentially.

Apply for a Cash Advance on Your Lawsuit Early to Avoid Other Headaches

One of the biggest mistakes that today’s clients and attorneys make is waiting a bit too long to apply for the kind of legal financing that can boost litigation, lower stress, and lead to a better overall outcome for both parties. The key is to apply for a legal cash advance on your lawsuit at the earliest moment possible, ensuring that application approval will be quick and that the approved funds will be available immediately. This reduces the waiting period that might otherwise result when contacting expert witnesses, interfacing with local courts, and performing the actions necessary to have the case heard and decided in a quick manner.

The application process for this unique type of litigation funding does require quite a bit of information, but the online nature of the application makes it easy to proceed through each step in just a matter of moments. With a dedicated team of in-house funding analysts, underwriters, and customer service professionals, clients and their attorneys will get a quick decision that can change the course of litigation and prove decisive when seeking a victory in the case or a lucrative settlement offer for the client.

Apply for a Cash Advance on Your Lawsuit Today and Enjoy the Benefits

Litigation financing options are easily the way for today’s clients and attorneys to make sure that they have the funds needed to pay court costs, higher industry-leading experts for case testimony, and pursue the strongest course of legal action currently available. They reduce the financial burden on both parties by delaying payment until a settlement offer has been reached, and they combine in-house funding with a unique understanding of the legal field to offer better customer service and a quicker application.

By getting started right away, even before some major legal action has started, clients and their attorneys will have the cash they require long before they actually need it. That will make litigation fast, affordable, and mutually beneficial in a way that should prove effective in the courtroom and beyond.