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Asbestos Cases Lawsuit Funding

Asbestos Cases Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Long term asbestos exposure can lead to a number of different types of injuries. For individuals who have worked in and around asbestos for years and for family members who have been exposed second-hand from their spouses who have come home with their clothes covered in asbestos fibers, these injuries can be life-threatening.

Any asbestos related injury has a long period where symptoms are delayed. For people who worked in shipyards, oceangoing vessels, oil rigs and platforms, in construction, and in the factories that produced the insulation containing asbestos, their illnesses may not appear until 30 or 40 years later. Asbestos exposure can result in cancer to the body’s organs, called mesothelioma, which is rare, or more commonly in a non-malignant form that can scar lung tissue. Other injuries include laryngeal cancer and cancer of the stomach, esophagus and stomach.

Symptoms of asbestos injuries can include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Persistent cough
  • Coughing up blood
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fluid in the lungs
  • Jaundice
  • Internal bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Tumors

Obviously, these injuries are severe and life-threatening. Because of the nature of these injuries that may not cause symptoms for decades, it is difficult to prove that a particular company or companies were responsible for the claimed disease or injury. Victims and their families can be suddenly burdened by enormous medical bills that may not be totally covered by the victim’s health insurance. In some cases, the disease may prematurely end a victim’s ability to work and he or she will have to depend on either disability insurance, savings, or other alternate sources that may be much less than the victim’s usual monthly income. For victims of asbestos exposure who have injury claims and are represented by counsel, Lawsuit Cash Today can provide much needed funds to meet immediate financial needs.

We can offer you a pre-settlement cash advance while your lawsuit is still pending. Our cash advance funds to you are non-recourse, which means that we are only paid out of your settlement or favorable court verdict. Just like your attorney who took your case on a contingency basis, we assume the risk that your case may not yield any compensation. Should that occur, you will not owe us anything. Some people awaiting settlements will go to a bank or other lenders to get cash expecting that at some point, their case will yield considerable compensation to them. But they may have to make monthly payments, put up collateral, undergo credit checks, or even get a cosigner.

With Lawsuit Cash Today, none of that is required. All you have to do is complete our free, online application. No credit check or employment verification is needed. We will review your application, contact your attorney to discuss your case, and make a prompt decision on your request. Since we are also direct funders, no third party or other funders need to be involved in the approval process. If we approve your application, we will send to you and your attorney our terms, highly competitive rates, and cash offer. If you accept, you can expect your cash in as little as 24 hours later in many cases. Don’t wait years for your case to settle. Submit your application to us today for our quick review. We work 7 days a week and can answer any concerns or questions you have.