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Bus Accidents Lawsuit Funding

Bus Accident Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

If you were injured on a bus, it is likely that you suffered a serious injury. Because of the considerable size and weight of a bus, it can take a considerable impact to cause injuries to passengers. If such an impact occurs, however, and because passengers are not restrained, passengers can be thrown to the floor or into a seat back, resulting in severe injuries. Buses have been known to roll over or to crash into highway structures or other vehicles if the driver loses control of the bus as a result of fatigue, intoxication, drug use, or excessive speed. The consequences of a rollover or fall from a highway overpass can be catastrophic.

Serious injuries also occur on school buses. Children may be struck by inattentive or negligent motorists after exiting the bus and trying to cross the street. Bus drivers may turn off their signals before a child has safely crossed the street, or the bus driver may have struck the child after losing sight of him or her. Private charter and vacation buses are not immune from accidents. These vehicles, like commercial buses, come under the purview of state and federal rules and regulations as set forth by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration. A failure to adhere to these regulations may be a basis for an injury lawsuit.

Bus accidents are not only caused by driver error and misconduct, but by adverse weather and traffic conditions, inadequate security, improper maintenance, and defective equipment. Further, pedestrians and people in passenger cars are struck and injured or killed in great numbers each year. An individual or a normal passenger vehicle is no match for the size and weight of a bus. Were you injured on a bus or from a collision involving a bus? Is so, your injuries may be severe and have caused you to lose thousands of dollars in lost wages, incur enormous medical bills, and to suffer financial hardship as well as physical pain.

Consider Lawsuit Cash Today if finances are becoming a problem because of your injury. If you have a significant injury from a bus accident and are represented by an attorney, you may be able to secure a large or small cash advance. Lawsuit Cash Today is a legal funding company that helps people in the very situation you find yourself–a long, drawn out lawsuit, financial worries, mounting debt, and little relief in sight.

We offer pre-settlement cash advances in cases like yours. Our funds are non-recourse, so that we are only paid back when your lawsuit settles or you obtain a money judgment at trial. We assume the risk that your claim may fail, so that you do not have to pay us back if that happen. Our approval process is not complicated and is very fast. You fill out our free, online application and submit it to us. Because we do not need or conduct any credit check or employment verification, we can review your application quickly and contact your attorney within a very short time to discuss your case. We are also direct funders, so the entire approval process takes place in-house. If we approve your application, we will immediately submit to your attorney our terms and cash offer. Our rates are highly competitive as well. Should you and your attorney accept our offer, we can have your funds available to you within 24 hours in many cases. Call or submit our application at any time. We work 7 days a week.