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Catastrophic Injuries Lawsuit Funding

Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Catastrophic injuries are exactly as they are defined: injuries that are severe and often cause permanent disability, disfigurement and impose enormous emotional and financial costs on the victims and their families. Catastrophic injuries include loss of vision or sight, multiple bone fractures, brain injuries, paralysis, organ damage, severe burns, amputation, and neurological and cognitive difficulties. Breathing and simple movements may be painful or difficult to perform and communication may be restricted. Often, the victim is attended to by nurses, therapists, rehabilitation experts, and medical specialists.

When a catastrophic injury strikes you or a family member, often their only resort to getting the medical treatment and financial support they need is through a lawsuit against a party or entity whose negligent or wrongful conduct led to the injury. In major injury cases, defendants often defend themselves with teams of highly experienced and aggressive attorneys. Defendants in these cases feel their reputations are at stake or that they need to send a message that such suits will be taken seriously and that an easy settlement is not an option.

If you or a loved one is in a situation similar to this, you know that the legal system can be painfully slow and arduous. Months and years may pass without much progress, yet you know that a future settlement is likely. Still, you and your family may be suffering greatly not only with the physical consequences of the injury, but with the emotional and financial costs.

Legal funding was designed to help people like you, and Lawsuit Cash Today is a funding company in this unique industry. We offer pre-settlement cash advances to seriously injured accident victims so that you no longer have to wait for your claim to resolve to get the funds you deserve. All our funds are non-recourse: the funds we advance to you while your lawsuit is pending is leveraged against the future settlement of your claim or cash judgment obtained at trial. Should your case be resolved unfavorably, you have no obligation to repay us. The total risk is ours.

All we require from you is that you complete our free, online application. Because we do not require a credit check or employment verification, our approval process is fast. Submit the application and we can be talking to your attorney the same day and obtaining what we need to make a prompt decision on your request. We are also direct funders, so all requests are reviewed and approved by Lawsuit Cash Today only without having to consult outside funders. If we approve your application, we will immediately send to you and your attorney our documents and cash offer. You will be impressed by our highly competitive rates and easy terms.

Once you and your attorney review and accept our offer, we can have your funds transmitted to you in as little as 24 hours. Don’t let the slow wheels of justice frustrate you. You can get a small or large cash advance based on your case quickly and easily without having to go to a bank. Contact Lawsuit Cash Today or submit your application for our immediate review. We are open 7 days a week to serve your financial needs.