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Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Funding

Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder involving the brain and nervous system. It can affect learning, thinking, vision, hearing, and movement. Most instances of cerebral palsy occur during the birth process when the fetus is deprived of oxygen. The condition can occur as a result of negligence by the physician or medical staff such as a failure to monitor the baby or mother, a failure to detect a blocked or ruptured blood vessel, causing trauma to the baby’s head, or complications from anesthesia or problems during labor. Leaving the baby in the birth canal for too long can deprive it of oxygen, resulting in death or cerebral palsy.

If your child has cerebral palsy, there is the chance that a surgical error occurred. In these cases, a medical malpractice claim is required to hold the physician, staff, and/or hospital liable for the injury. Cerebral palsy includes symptoms such as muscle weakness, loss of movement in one or more groups of muscles, abnormal walk or gait, tremors, floppy muscles, speech problems, learning disabilities, seizures, and vision or hearing problems. Cerebral palsy is permanent. Other future complications include bowel problems, osteoporosis, hip dislocation, and social difficulties. Treatment can be over the child’s lifetime if it is severe enough, or it can last for years until the child becomes an adult and is able to live independently. The cost can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more.

A medical malpractice claim is costly and takes the skill and knowledge of a personal injury attorney accustomed to handling such cases. Most medical providers and facilities reject malpractice claims as a matter of policy, forcing victims to file lawsuits and to challenge the practices and procedures that led to your child’s injury. Many parents of children with cerebral palsy face enormous medical and treatment bills and years of uncertainty regarding their child’s future. Some parents may have to quit their jobs to devote full-time to caring for their child at considerable financial cost. Waiting for your medical negligence claim to settle or go to trial can take years. Many parents are unable to wait for resolution and either file bankruptcy, get funds from a bank, or are agree to an early settlement that may be much less than the claim’s true value.

Legal Funding May be a Solution

If you are facing financial hardship and have a viable claim that is pending with no resolution in sight, consider the legal funding company of Lawsuit Cash Today.
We are a legal funding company that offers pre-settlement cash advances. We are only paid back when your case settles or results in a money judgment. Our cash advances are all non-recourse funds, meaning that should you lose your case, you owe us nothing. Unlike a bank, we do not require collateral, cosigners, credit or employment checks, or monthly payments. You can contact us online or by phone, and we could be reviewing your request and discussing your case with your attorney today. There are also no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Look at What Lawsuit Cash Today Can Do for You

  • We offer 24/7 access to our company
  • No credit check or employment verification is necessary
  • We are direct funders so no outside funders are consulted on your case
  • Our rates are flexible and highly competitive
  • We have a free, online application you can quickly complete and submit
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • No monthly payments
  • No collateral
  • Fast approval and funding within 24 hours in many cases
  • Large or small cash advances

All you need to do is to complete our free, online application or call us with the information if you prefer. There is no need for a credit check or employment verification, so we could be talking to your attorney the same day you submit your application. If we approve your request, which can be done in one day in some cases, we will immediately send you and your attorney our terms and cash offer. Should you accept our offer, you can have your funds in as little as 24 hours. Waiting months or years for much needed funds is no longer necessary.

Don’t worry about making monthly payments to us or risk losing your car or other collateral. With Lawsuit Cash Today, all you have to concern yourself with is the health of your child. We also offer post-settlement advances if you are experiencing a delay in getting your funds. If you have a structured settlement and would like more cash, contact us. We can purchase one or several structured settlement payments, or even whole annuities from people who want their cash now. You no longer have to worry about when your case will settle before getting some of the compensation you deserve. And don’t be tempted by settling early for less than the value of your claim. You have a valuable resource in Lawsuit Cash Today. Contact us today and see if we can help.