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Clergy Sex Abuse Lawsuit Loan


If you are a plaintiff who is involved in a clergy sex abuse lawsuit, and you already have a sexual abuse attorney, Lawsuit Cash Today can provide you with litigation funding, in the form of a lawsuit cash advance, or lawsuit loan. If you do not yet have a sexual abuse lawyer, Lawsuit Cash Today can refer you to competent legal representation.

If you are awaiting a clergy sex abuse settlement, but need a cash advance now, Lawsuit Cash Today can provide you with a post-settlement cash advance. If you are a representative of a sexual abuse law firm, Lawsuit Cash Today can provide you with an array of law firm finance options including law firm loans, non-recourse cash advance, and attorney and law firm lines of credit.

The Lawsuit Cash Today provides litigation funding for clergy sex abuse lawsuits. Lawsuit Cash Today provides plaintiff funding in the form of a non-recourse cash advance. Lawsuit Cash Today also provides sexual abuse lawyers of law firms with funding to assist in conducting successful lawsuits.

Monetary awards for damages cannot erase the sordid past of sexual abuse, but, in some cases it can help heal the wounds and provide avenues for overcoming the injuries (for example, it can pay for psychiatric help and other kinds of therapy).

It is never too late to try to bring sexual abusers to justice. There have been many instances of successful suits brought against abusers decades after the abuse took place. If the abuse happened many years ago, it is crucial to bring together as much evidence as possible.

The Lawsuit Cash Today provides plaintiff funding and attorney funding for the following kinds of sexual abuse claims:

Family Member Abuse

Clergy Abuse

Foster Family Abuse

Hospital Abuse

Educational Facility Abuse

Babysitter or Caretaker Abuse

Child Pornography

The Lawsuit Cash Today provides legal funding for Sexual Abuse cases. To see whether your case fulfills the criteria for funding, contact our staff or complete an application for funding.

If the plaintiff in a clergy sex abuse lawsuit requires additional medical treatment, but does not have the means to finance said treatment, Lawsuit Cash Today can provide the plaintiff with a medical expense advance to pay for the treatment while waiting for the sexual abuse settlement to be paid out in full. Additionally, medical treatment funding can provide additional evidence by which the sexual abuse case would be strengthened.