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Employment Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Funding

If you are currently searching for sexual harassment lawsuit funding begin by applying online today. Lawsuit Cash Today is a leading online lawsuit funding company that provides settlement loan services to plaintiffs involved in sexual harassment lawsuits. We work with some of the largest legal underwriting groups whom are ready to compete for your business today.

A lawsuit cash advance can help a plaintiff who is involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit the ability to wait for full compensation for their case. We believe that its important that no client should have to settle for less compensation because they are not financially capable of paying bills and expenses while waiting for a verdict.

There are different types of harassment however the most common is sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment in the workplace is very common however many people are unaware of their rights and in some cases unfamiliar with the processes in filing a claim against an employer. These same people are oftentimes afraid to file suit against their employer due to financial repercussions. If you decide to file a lawsuit for sexual harassment you may be entitled to back pay, future pay and damages as a result.

Sexual harassment falls into two categories: Hostile environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Some examples of hostile environment sexual harassment include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances by an employee or employer
  • Sexual comments or offensive language
  • Verbal or sexual behavior
  • Improper touching
  • Sexual assault, battery & rape
  • Lewd material
  • Hostile work environment

Quid pro quo is defined as a promise of promotion or advancement in the workplace in exchange for sexual acts and favors.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can make any working environment uncomfortable and oftentimes the ability to perform a task at hand becomes increasingly harder to accomplish. Sexual harassment can affect your ability to perform such tasks and ultimately result in termination from your job.

When a person believes they are being harassed in the workplace they have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the employer. They also have the right to seek pre settlement funding before a case has reached a verdict. Our clients come to Lawsuit Cash Today because they want more options when it comes to lawsuit funding.