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As local, state, and even federal courts suffer from budget cuts and lower tax levels due to recent economic uncertainty, the difference between reduced revenues and higher expenses is generally made up by increasing court costs and filing fees for lawsuits and other procedures common among today’s law firms. That inclination to raise fees on attorneys can actually result in a great deal of pressure on smaller law firms, many of which are not sufficiently capitalized to manage the seemingly unending stream of higher expenses over time. These expenses tend to have two major negative effects, each of which can hit the law firm pretty hard.

First and foremost, higher costs can make it difficult for smaller firms to take on new lawsuits and other crucial cases, simply because they don’t have the resources to handle the costs and fees of those new cases. That’s especially true for firms that like to work with clients on a contingency-fee basis. The second effect that can do real harm to smaller firms, and those with tighter budgets, is simply the inability to get sufficient Attorney financing to handle daily business operations, complex legal procedures, and the lawsuits that are absolutely essential when winning new clients and presenting their case to the proper court officials.

Attorney Funding Loans Can Help Solve the Dilemma of Higher Fees

One of the most popular financial tools among smaller firms and those on more restrictive budgets is an attorney loan. Attorney loans or law firm advances are designed to work with the unique nature of law firms themselves, presenting friendly repayment terms that work with the nature of a specific case so that fees are minimized, funds are available very quickly, and swift prosecution of the case is encouraged. The capital released by these  attorney funding loans allows law firms to return to their roots, functioning first and foremost as an advocate for new and existing clients.

To understand why this particular lending product is such a good idea for today’s law firms, attorneys should understand exactly how attorney loans work, what sets them apart from traditional small business loans or personal loans, and how they can even be beneficial to clients who are currently pursuing a lawsuit against a third party.

Case-by-Case: Legal Capital is Released for Each Unique Case

Attorney loans are sometimes referred to by lenders as “case loans” or “case funding,” and this name is derived primarily from the unique way that the loan functions. These loans are actually granted to attorneys based on a case that they have recently agreed to take on and represent. Each case is judged individually, and its settlement amount is judged by a loan officer who will use an estimate of the case’s severity, its likelihood of settling, and the likely amount that would be required to achieve an amicable settlement between all parties.

Once the likely settlement amount has been evaluated, generally in a fiscally conservative manner, the loan amount is approved and the full amount of legal capital or law firm funding is released to the attorney. These funds are immediately available to help cover court costs, client costs, and any other expenses that might be needed to ensure a successful outcome. There is no immediate repayment due to the lender, as the loan only requires payment when the settlement or final outcome of the case has been reached.

This differs significantly from the small business loans and personal loans that many smaller law firms seek to cover the expenses of taking on a new client. Those loans require either personal or institutional credit approval. Sometimes they require both. The amount of the overall loan may be larger, but it requires almost immediate repayment and often comes with steep interest or high fees. The same is true of using company credit cards to cover client expenses and court costs.

Financing for Law Firms is Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of the Legal Profession

One of the really great things that sets attorney funding apart from other types of lending mechanisms is that it’s designed for the legal profession specifically. Companies that offer loans to attorneys and law firms understand that the vast majority of the firm’s income is derived from settlements and victorious court cases, not from attorney fees or ongoing small payments from clients. While those smaller sources of revenue certainly count for something, virtually every firm needs to get into the settlement stage to achieve their ideal outcome.

That’s why financing for law firms works with the settlement process. The full payment of the loan is taken as a percentage of the eventual settlement scored by the firm’s attorneys. Until that settlement is agreed upon, and until it becomes binding, the loan’s repayment requirements remain dormant. Interest does continue to accrue, but the financial burden placed on the firm is virtually zero until the case is finished. For smaller firms especially, this is a preferable way to loan money and one that won’t ratchet up pressure on attorneys.

Reducing Pressure: How Case Funding Can Lower Attorney Stress Levels

The best loan companies for today’s law firms are those that don’t pressure the firm into settlement. Doing so would not only put the firm’s ethical commitment at risk, but it would also severely deprive clients of a fair outcome that is financially beneficial to them and delivers the kind of justice that they were looking for at the outset. That’s why the best funding options for today’s law firms will offer a small percentage of the settlement amount as the maximum offer available to attorneys.

The amount offered will be enough to cover costs and fees, but it will not be so large the law firm cannot derive a significant profit of their own after the settlement is made official. This unique method of operation ensures that the law firm doesn’t sacrifice its long-term profitability for short-term expense coverage, and it’s offered only by the most reputable and trustworthy legal finance companies currently on the market in the states where such loans are offered.

A Great Way to Boost Settlement Outcomes by Funding Expert Witness Expenses

The expert witness expense paid by attorneys can be one of the single largest expenses during a typical trial. That’s because, as virtually all legal professionals can attest, the best expert witnesses know the value of their testimony and will often require a significant financial commitment from the firm in order to aid the firm’s client and increase the chance of a large and rewarding settlement.

In fact, aside from the escalating court costs found at all levels of the judicial system nationwide, it is the expert witness expense that almost always dips into a law firm’s budgetary reserves and causes at least a few headaches. Because all of these loans are essentially offered on the contingency of a percentage-based payment of the final settlement, it’s easy for financing companies to cover virtually the entire cost of an expert witness who might be crucial to the outcome of the matter in court.

This makes it easier for firms to higher expert witnesses, whereas the lack of an attorney loan might make it simply too expensive. It can be argued, then, that an attorney loan may well be the best way to ensure that clients receive the best representation in court that money can buy. This better representation serves to boost the firm’s overall reputation, escalate the settlement talks, and produce a better final offer made on behalf of the opposing party.

The Benefits of Law Firm Financing are Simply too Great to Ignore

For the better part of the 21st century, law firms across the country have been struggling to keep up with the added expense of higher court costs, escalating filing fees, and the perennially high costs of adding an expert witness to a case of any type or size. In some cases, firms have had to turn away clients, extend how long it takes to complete a lawsuit, or remove expert witnesses from testimony that could otherwise swing the case in favor of their own client. These are compromises that should never have to be made and, with law firm funding options like a case loan, such compromises can easily become a thing of the past.

For law firms that have been hit hard by rising costs and the fees associated with experts of any field, a loan just makes sense. It does not have to be repaid until a settlement offer is accepted by all parties. It further does not have to be paid back, in full or in part, until the case is complete. This ensures that the firm’s budget can remain intact for the duration of even a very long, very expensive case.

Do the right thing for clients, and for the future of the law firm itself, by investing in a loan that works with the legal process rather than against it. With fair fees, flexible repayment, and very fast approval, there is hardly any way for today’s smallest firms to lose when they seek the assistance of a case loan.