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Labor Law Lawsuit Funding

Labor Law Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Labor law encompasses a number of causes of action related to workers’ rights. Among these are claims for unpaid wages from working overtime, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Many workers are misclassified by their employers as exempt employees, meaning that they are not compensated for overtime work. State laws determine classification, but many make that determination based on the employees’ duties and not their job title. If you have a claim for overtime pay or unpaid wages, your lawsuit could be valued at thousands of dollars, especially if you have worked at your particular job for several years.

Historically, women have earned lower wages than men for performing the same job, and many have not been promoted at a higher income because of their sex or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment at work is another common complaint. Workers may be asked to perform sexual favors or risk termination, or be forced to work in an environment that is offensive to a reasonable person. Workers are fired for a variety of reasons unrelated to their work performance, such as their sexual orientation, religion, gender, ethnicity, or disability, These reasons are illegal and you are entitled to collect damages. In some cases, these damages can be considerable.

Like many lawsuits, these cases can take considerable resources by your attorney and long hours of discovery, legal research, investigation, and examining thousands of documents. Litigation can take years. If you were wrongfully fired or the victim of job discrimination or harassment, you may be finding it difficult to find work or to meet your living expenses. You may have an excellent claim, but a settlement or trial date is nowhere in sight. If you have a labor law claim and are represented by an attorney, consider legal funding from Lawsuit Cash Today. We offer pre-settlement cash advances in cases like yours.

Our funds are all non-recourse, meaning that we are only paid back from the eventual settlement proceeds of your lawsuit. In the event your case does not settle favorably or result in a money judgment, you have no obligation to pay us back! You can get started immediately by completing our free, online application. Bad credit or the lack of employment is no obstacle. All we require is that you have a significant claim and are represented by an attorney.

We are also a direct funder. No outside funders are involved in our approval process. Once you submit your application to us, we will contact your attorney and discuss the case with him or her. If your application is approved, we will promptly submit to your attorney our terms and highly competitive rates along with our cash offer. Should you accept, your cash is forwarded to you in as little as 24 hours later. We are open 7 days a week so you can submit your application or contact us at any time. See if we can help you with your financial needs. Contact Lawsuit Cash Today.