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Why you need an attorney for personal injury claims.

Reasons you need an Attorney anytime you have a Legal Matter and how Lawsuit Cash Today can help.

Everyone knows that the court is a neutral arbiter in any dispute between two or more parties. It exercises its unbiased discretion even in matters involving people against the state and vice versa. Considering the complex sets of laws that govern the country it takes a qualified legal officer to help analyze and argue a case effectively in a court of law. That is why you always need an attorney each time you have a legal matter. While everyone has some rights according to the law understanding the technical legal jargon that goes into judgment is always a difficult task for ordinary persons without legal training.

What Happens When You Need An Attorney?

For most citizens the need for an attorney only comes to reality when they suddenly face a legal tussle in court. When this happens many are at a loss over the right attorney to appoint or even how to choose a good attorney when there are so many of them already practicing. At this point there is something you need to know. That is the fact that attorneys also specialize in certain aspects of the legal practice.

There are lawyers who specialize in criminal justice systems, others on civil cases like personal injury and many other areas just to mention a few. This is an indicator that you need to classify your case before you start shopping for an attorney. For most victims who have never had a showdown in court, chances are that they have absolutely no idea about any attorney in particular. The simple advice in such situations is to look for a well established firm that has a host of attorneys working together.

Why Let Lawsuit Cash Today help you Choose A Law Firm?

The greatest advantage that bigger law firms have over private lawyers is the advocates under their umbrella. With many lawyers in a company there is always a panel that evaluates each case before pointing out the most experience attorney for such a case. At lawsuit cash today we are acquainted with some of the most prolific attorneys in practice with a vast experience in all kinds of legal matters ranging from criminal to civil as well as divorce or even estate and inheritance cases.

After many years in practice as a legal funding organization Lawsuit Cash Today has met and worked with many lawyers when processing lawsuit settlement cash advances. The company has an elaborate database of successful attorneys over the years. Out of these engagements Lawsuit Cash Today can easily give you a detailed report on the successes of most lawyers over a span of many years so that you can pick an experienced one for your kind of situation.

Because it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of a case in court it is equally impossible to tell whether the attorney you have chosen surely fits the bill. The only tangible way to choose a lawyer is by looking at the profiles of many attorneys with the aim of finding out how many cases similar to your own they have handled and their success rates in the same. If you choose a lawyer who has registered minimal success over the last few months or years chances of losing your case are pretty high.

Why Is It Crucial To Have An Attorney?

Whenever a person gets injured in any way, the first thing that many worry about is the financial implication of a lawsuit. It is on record that winning a case against a financially endowed company or insurance firms is not always easy especially when you do not have representation.

It is also important to point out that insurance companies mostly pay the settlements awarded. The same insurance companies will stop at nothing to evade the settlement. This means that any plaintiff without good legal representation cannot stand a chance against a financially stable insurance firm that also enjoys the services of experienced legal representation.

It is no wonder a higher number of victims without attorneys lose their settlement cases. In some instances they lack representation because of financial constraints. It is worth pointing out that such persons can easily redeem their chances by seeking legal funding from reputable firms such as Lawsuit Cash Today. That way even the most financially unstable plaintiff can get legal representation.

Other reasons you need an attorney include the indisputable fact that most victims represented in court by experienced attorneys end up with fairer and larger settlements as compared to those without representation. In addition to winning a better settlement a good attorney also plays many other roles. These roles include

Gathering evidence that is crucial for providing evidence during the case hearing.

Verify all information provided by the defendant and to make sure the plaintiff is not misinformed.

It is also incumbent upon the attorney to find witnesses and attend all court appointments.

A realistic evaluation of the case as presented by the plaintiff is also vested in the attorney.

In certain cases such as those of accidents or injuries the plaintiff may need medical attention. The attorney can always help find reliable medical facilities to make sure the victim receives adequate treatment where necessary.

The last and most important role of the attorney is to safeguard your interests and more so by ensuring the defendants and their attorneys do not take advantage of the plaintiff.

After looking at the above points it is clear that a plaintiff stands very little chance without an attorney. It is finally important to point out some major kinds of cases for which you will need an attorney. They include personal injury cases and business/commercial cases. Below is a sample list of the many types of cases we work with for lawsuit funding settlement cash advances:

Accidental Drowning


Amusement Park Accident

Asbestos Cases

Auto Accident


Aviation Accident

Baby Crib Defect

Bicycle Accident

Birth Defect

Broken Bones

Broken Pelvis

Burn Accident

Bus Accident

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Catastrophic Injuries

Cerebral Palsy

Child Abuse

Construction Accident

Cruise Ship Accident

Darvon & Darvocet

DePuy Hip Recall


Dog Bite

Drug & Pharma

Electrocution Accident

Elevator Accident

ER Negligence

Explosion & Fire Accident

Gadolinium Systemic

Hit and Run Accident

Ketek Antibiotic

Kugel Hernia Mesh

Labor Law

Legal Malpractice

Maritime or Jones Act

Medical Malpractice

Medtronic Sprint Fidelis


Motorcycle Accident

Nursing Home Negligence

Ortho Evra

Pain Pump

Pedestrian Accident

Personal Injury

Premises Liability

Product Liability

Railroad Accident

Scaffolding Accident

Segway Accident

Sexual Harassment

Slip and Fall

Smith & Nephew Knee

Structured Settlement

Subway Accident

Swimming Pool Accident


Tractor Trailer Accident


Vaginal Bladder Sling


Work Accident

Wright Profemur Hip

Wrongful Death

Zimmer Durom Cup

After taking all the above into account it is finally significant to state that you will need an attorney especially at the end of your case. This is because most proceedings will ask the plaintiff to give their concessions at the end of the hearing before the judge can make a final judgment. It is notable that many victims jeopardize their own cases by exposing too much and probably accepting liability for events that transpired. This mostly turns the case against the plaintiff. You seriously need an attorney at this point.

Lawsuit Cash Today’s team of expert attorneys can help you.

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