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Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Funding

Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

If your attorney failed to give you competent legal representation, you may have a lawsuit against him or her for legal malpractice. Your attorney may have misappropriated funds from an account you entrusted to him or her to administer. The most common type of legal malpractice, though, is where your attorney failed to file your lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations for your case, barring you from ever seeking compensation or relief.

Other examples of legal malpractice include the following:

  • Failing to appear in court
  • Failing to investigate your case
  • Not informing you of certain costs
  • Settling your case without your knowledge or consent
  • Not retaining an expert when expert testimony or knowledge was required
  • Negligent drafting of a document that directly causes you to lose money or incur damages
  • Filing an insufficient complaint that is dismissed with prejudice or cannot be filed again for missing the filing deadline

Did any of these scenarios happen to you, or any other instance of ineffective representation that led to significant damages? If you have a significant legal malpractice claim and are represented by an attorney, you may want to consider legal funding to get a cash advance while your lawsuit is pending. Like other negligence cases, your attorney needs to prove that your former attorney failed to exercise the skill and care expected of a reasonably prudent attorney under similar circumstances. Also, in some cases the underlying cause of action that was the subject of your original claim must also be shown to be viable and compensable.

These cases can take months or years of legal maneuvering, discovery, use of expert testimony, and delays in scheduling. If you sustained significant damages as a result of the negligent or wrongful conduct of your prior attorney, you may be experiencing financial hardship. Instead of waiting for your case to settle or go to trial where a favorable verdict to you could also be appealed, why not get a cash advance now?

Lawsuit Cash Today is a legal funding company that provides pre-settlement funds to accident victims and to victims of legal malpractice who have been significantly damaged. You do not have to provide collateral, undergo a credit check, employment verification, or make monthly payments. Our funds are non-recourse. We get paid only when your case settles or you get a favorable cash judgment.

Lawsuit Cash Today is also a direct funder. We only require that you complete and submit to us the free application your can find online. We could be reviewing it the same day and talking to your attorney about your claim. If we accept your application, you and your attorney will promptly receive our written terms and cash offer along with our highly competitive rates. If you accept our offer, you could have your cash advance within 24 hours in many cases. Waiting for your lawsuit to settle and for you to get the compensation you deserve can be frustrating and nerve wracking. Why not see if Lawsuit Cash Today can get you an advance on your case now.