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Maritime or Jones Act Lawsuit Funding

Maritime & Jones Act Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Are you a seaman who was injured on an oil rig, platform, barge, tanker, floater, crew boat, supply vessel or other oceangoing vessel? Were you injured while working as an inland river worker? If so, Lawsuit Cash Today may be your solution to getting cash now while your lawsuit is pending.

In 1920, the Jones Act was passed by Congress to protect maritime workers who were injured on the job. The Jones Act allows an injured worker to sue his or her employer for personal injury damages like any other tort action, unlike the usual workers’ compensation claim that generally prevents negligence suits against an employer whose actions may have injured an employee while on the job. Litigation under the Jones Act, however, can be complex and take considerable time to resolve. In many instances, a maritime employer will allege that the seaman or crew member contributed to his or her own injuries in the hopes of encouraging an early settlement or reducing the value of the case.

Your attorney in a Jones Act case must also prove that the employer acted negligently or unreasonably in causing your injury, or that the vessel’s owner allowed an unreasonably dangerous condition to exist on the vessel that made it unseaworthy. For the injured crew member and his or her family, the waiting and ensuing litigation can be excruciatingly long and frustrating. Medical and other bills accumulate quickly and if you are unable to work or have no other source of income, these can be scary times. But with Lawsuit Cash Today, waiting for your case to resolve is a thing of the past.

We offer pre-settlement cash advances leveraged against your future settlement or cash judgment. Since all our funds are non-recourse, you do not have to pay us back should your case end unfavorably. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you and no risk. Simply fill out our free, online application. With no credit check or employment verification needed, the approval process is quick and easy. We are also direct funders so no other funder is consulted in the approval process. If we accept your application, we can have our documents in your and your attorney’s hands promptly for review. You will be impressed by our competitive rates and superior customer service. If you accept our cash offer and terms, we can have your funds in your bank account or pocket in as little as 24 hours.

You can submit your application at any time since we work 7 days a week. If you wish to speak to a representative, call us and we will answer any questions you have. Waiting and agonizing over bills while your lawsuit is pending is no longer necessary. See if Lawsuit Cash Today can meet your immediate financial needs today.