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Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse Lawsuit Funding

Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

There are about 17,000 licensed nursing homes in the U.S. that serve approximately 1.6 million people. Nursing home facilities are regulated by state and federal laws regarding hygiene, healthcare, staffing, supervision, training, and nutrition. Despite stringent standards, nursing home abuses and negligence lead to thousands of injuries and fatalities each year. If you or a loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse that resulted in a serious injury or death, you may wish to consider the legal funding resources of Lawsuit Cash Today to help you meet pressing financial needs.

What is nursing home negligence? It is any intentional or negligent act by a nursing home employee that results in injury to a resident. Most residents are at least 60 years of age and have some kind of infirmity that prevents them from caring for themselves.

You or a beloved family member may have been the victim of any of these common types of abuse:

  • Physical abuse: Bruises, burns, broken limbs, bedsores, signs of restraint, poor hygiene, drug overdoses.
  • Sexual abuse: Venereal disease, torn clothing, bruising in the genital area.
  • Emotional abuse: Verbal assaults, threats, humiliation, and intimidation.
  • Neglect: Failing to give prescribed medication, unsanitary living conditions, poor nutrition, failure to provide for a safe and healthy living environment.
  • Financial exploitation and fraud: Unauthorized withdrawals from patient’s bank accounts, sudden changes in wills or insurance policies, unnecessary expenditures.

Elderly patients are often dropped when being moved, slapped for noncooperation or complaining, or fall from their beds from the lack of or improper use of bed rails. Despite injuries to nursing home residents, the companies that own these facilities are often reluctant to admit fault and will force you to hire counsel and prove that their actions were negligent.

Why Wait? Contact Lawsuit Cash Today

Victims of nursing home negligence and abuse and their families often face enormous medical bills and the prospect of surgery and other care for their injuries. If there was financial fraud, you still may have to wait months or even years if your allegations are contested and litigation ensues. You could go to a bank, but lending institutions insist on collateral, tax records, cosigners, reams of other financial documents, sound credit, monthly payments and high interest rates, if they agree to offer you cash at all. At Lawsuit Cash Today, none of that is required. If you have a viable and serious injury lawsuit and are represented by counsel, you are already pre-approved.

Lawsuit Cash Today is a legal funding company. We offer pre-settlement cash advances with non-recourse funds. We are paid only when your lawsuit settles or is resolved by a favorable cash judgment. Should you lose your case, you owe us nothing. The risk is ours to take. As direct funders, we make the decision on whether to offer you a cash advance. No consultation with an outside funder or approval on their terms is needed. Simply go to our free, online application that you can quickly complete. Submit it to us and we will promptly review it and we could be discussing it with your attorney the same day or within a day or two.

If we approve your application, we will immediately submit our highly competitive rates, terms, and cash offer to you and your attorney for your review. If you accept, cash could be in your hands within 24 hours. We work 7 days a week. Submit your application to us at any time or contact us. Our representatives pride themselves on outstanding customer service and appreciate your pain and financial needs. Contact Lawsuit Cash Today and see how we can help.