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Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Personal injury cases may be the most litigated civil claims in our courts. There are millions of people injured in accidents each year. Auto accidents account for around 2 million alone. In today’s economy, you may wish to consider Lawsuit Cash Today if you are an personal injury accident victim and are seeking a pre-settlement or post-settlement cash advance.

We assist those who may be facing financial difficulties as a result of their injuries. If you have an attorney in your case, consider Lawsuit Cash Today. We are a direct lender offering Non-Recourse cash advances. We will analyze your claim quickly and if you are approved, we advance you compensation against the future proceeds of your eventual settlement. Should your case be unsuccessful, you are under no obligation to pay us back. We assume all the risk.

Injured victims often seek out legal representation to pursue their claims. Many are settled relatively quickly if the injuries are not severe or the wrongful conduct that caused the injury is so egregious that defendants and insurance companies will not want to go to trial. In many instances, however, liability might be in dispute. There may be allegations of comparative negligence by the injured victim or that he or she was the sole cause of the accident and injuries. In other cases, the injury itself might be questioned or the damages claimed are deemed excessive or unreasonable. In these examples, litigation usually is pursued, which can take long months and even years to settle.

Typical personal injury cases for which we provide advance cash include the following:

Personal injury accident victims are entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, future medical care, property damage, and pain and suffering. By completing our free online application, or by calling us, we can quickly assess your claim without the need for a credit check or employment verification so you need not worry about bad credit or the lack of a job. If your case has settled but compensation has been delayed, we offer post-settlement advances as well. If we approve your application and you accept our offer, we can have your funds within 24 hours in many cases. We are available 7 days a week so you can contact us or complete the application at any time.