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Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding

Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Injury victims with premises liability lawsuits no longer have to agonize over the painfully slow pace of litigation. With Lawsuit Cash Today, you can have legal funding for your lawsuit fast and with no risk to you. Some injury accident cases do settle quickly. A rear-end accident caused by a drunk driver that results in broken limbs or other serious injury can be settled within a few months in some cases. Liability is clear and there is no question the victim suffered injuries and other damages.

Premises liability cases are rarely so clearcut and few settle quickly except for nominal amounts. Most premises liability or personal injury attorneys will not represent a claimant in a premises liability case unless the injuries are serious and there is a path to proving liability by the property owner or legal occupier, which can be a daunting task in many cases. A landowner or occupier has a legal duty to keep the property clear of defects or hazardous conditions that are known or which should have been discovered through reasonable diligence. But merely because you fell on a slippery surface or were struck by a falling object does not automatically confer liability on the landowner.

Some hazardous conditions are open and obvious, and if you failed to notice it or disregarded a warning may be fatal to your injury claim. Your attorney may have to spend countless hours and expense to investigate the facts of your case, retain experts, interview witnesses, and obtain certain documents while his or her efforts are stymied by savvy defense attorneys every step of the way. Chances are that if you were hurt in a premises liability case, your injuries are severe enough for your attorney to agree to represent you. It is also very likely that you were, or continue to be, disabled from work. If you have health insurance, it may not cover all of your expenses.

This is why Lawsuit Cash Today makes sense. Waiting for your case to settle or go to trial only increases your anxiety and fear about your financial situation. We can help you relieve much of that pressure with a non-recourse, pre-settlement or even a post-settlement cash advance. Non-recourse cash means you do not have to pay us back if your case is lost. We are only paid from your settlement or money judgment, so you incur no obligation or out-of-pocket costs.

Complete our free, online application today and we will immediately assess your lawsuit. We do not ask for your credit scores or care if you are employed. All we require is that you have an attorney representing you and have fair enough chance of settling or obtaining compensation. Once we approve your application, we will submit our agreement to you and your attorney for review. If you accept our offer, we can have your cash to you within 24 hours in most cases. Your attorney will also be pleased with our very competitive rates. Don’t hesitate to see if you can get legal funding from your lawsuit. Contact us today. We work 7 days a week.