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Railroad Accidents Lawsuit funding

Railroad Accidents Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Railroad accidents happen to rail workers, passengers, and to anyone else having contact with a train. Rail worker injuries are covered by the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). Their injuries can include crush injuries, severe burns, broken limbs, or exposure over many years to toxic chemicals such as asbestos or benzene.

Injuries to passengers or non-rail workers are covered by your state’s civil laws and statutes. Their injuries, and injuries to workers, can occur from train collisions and derailments. There are about 25 derailments that result in toxic chemical spills from defective or aging tracks, overloaded cargo, mechanical failure or operator error. About 3000 train accidents occur every year, killing about 1,000 people. Many railroad accidents occur at train crossings where there may be inadequate or obstructed warnings, Other accidents occur when trains collide or when they come to sudden stops without warning. Train engineers may be to blame for some accidents while equipment failure may account for others.

While the injuries from a railroad accident can be devastating if not fatal, these cases are difficult to handle. Even cases handled under FELA require that liability be established. Since railroad companies are huge corporate entities, they will fight these cases with teams of experienced, high-priced attorneys every step of the way. With injuries preventing many railroad accident victims from working and with teams of attorneys opposing each other as their lawsuit slowly navigates through the court system, it is easy for plaintiffs to get frustrated. If you are in a similar situation, Lawsuit Cash Today may be your answer. We are a legal funding company that can get you a pre-settlement cash advance quickly and easily to meet your immediate financial needs.

You no longer have to wait endless months or years of legal wrangling for your case to resolve. Our cash advances are all non-recourse, so we only get paid back when your case settles or results in a favorable court verdict. There is no cost to you and you have no obligation to pay us back should your case be lost. Get paid quickly. Our approval process is extremely fast. You only need to complete our free, online application. Bad credit or no job is no obstacle. We are also direct funders so we make the decision on your application in-house.

We can start reviewing your application the same day you submit it. We will contact your attorney to discuss your case with him or her. If we approve your application, we will immediately submit our documents and cash offer with our highly competitive rates to you and your attorney for review. Upon acceptance, you can have your cash within 24 hours in many cases. You can get a small or a large cash advance depending on your claim. Our representatives are always available to answer any questions since we work 7 days a week. Don’t be frustrated any longer. Lawsuit Cash Today may be your solution to meeting your most pressing financial needs.