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Scaffolding Accidents Lawsuit Funding

Scaffold Accident Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Scaffolding injuries typically occur during construction. Although many scaffolds are solidly built, accidents do and will continue to occur. The injuries can be catastrophic to the victims and their families. Scaffolding accidents can occur well above ground as a result of broken planks or bars, from improperly installed scaffolds, or ones that were built from defective materials.

Falling from a great height can result in numerous injuries including broken limbs, damaged organs, brain injuries, internal bleeding, paralysis and death. Workers can also encounter overhead power lines, or fall from lack of safety rails or toe boards. Some workers may not have been provided with fall protection. People walking or working below a scaffold can be struck by falling equipment that can cause severe head injuries or brain damage. Workers injured on the job may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits, but they may also have a cause of action against a contractor or company that supplied defective equipment or failed to protect the worker from injury. In many of the cases, however, the insurance provided may not cover all the treatment needed, and any supplemental income from disability or workers compensation is often less than what the injured victim was receiving. Accordingly, the victim and his or her family is unable to meet mounting debts. Mortgages or rent may have to wait and daily living expenses become increasingly difficult to meet.

Lawsuit Cash Today can help injured victims meet their immediate financial needs. We are a legal funding company offering pre-settlement cash advances as your lawsuit is pending. All we require is that you have a significant injury claim and are represented by an attorney. Our non-recourse cash advances are leveraged against your future settlement or money judgment so if your case should result in no compensation, you do not have to pay us back. There is no risk to you at all!

Being bogged down by financial worries can affect your family relationships and delay your recovery. Going to a bank for a loan can require reams of documents, putting up collateral, waiting for credit and background checks, and other delays. With Lawsuit Cash Today, you can quickly and easily obtain small or large cash advances that can relieve much of that anxiety while your attorney works hard to resolve your claim.

As direct funders, we do not have to rely on other funders as we process your request. All you have to do is complete our free, online application. We also do not require or conduct any credit checks or employment verification. We will speak to your attorney and promptly advise you if we approve your application. Our terms along with our highly competitive rates and cash offer will be immediately submitted to you and your attorney. Once accepted, you could have your cash in as little as 24 hours. Submit your application at any time or call us 7 days a week. We are always available to listen and to help.