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Segway Accidents Lawsuit Funding

Segway Accident Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Segways are a two-wheeled vehicle designed for the user to stand on a platform between the two wheels. It is equipped with gyroscopic and fluid sensors that detect the user’s shift of weight that guides the vehicle. When the rider leans forward, it speeds up; leaning backward slows it down. The devices are used by tourists to use on streets and in open malls, sidewalks, by disabled persons, and by law enforcement. Some cities have banned them from sidewalks but they can be used in bicycle lanes or on roadways with low speed limits.

The devices have been known, however, to have caused serious injuries to its riders. In a number of cases, their batteries have suddenly turned off, or it would bolt in reverse at a high speed. In these incidents, the riders are thrown from the device and have sustained broken limbs, facial scarring and disfiguration, spinal cord, and head injuries. If a defect existed in the design or manufacture of a product, or if the manufacturer was aware of certain risks or dangers in using the product and failed to warn the user, then an injured party could bring a product liability suit. Also, if protective measures were available and could have been incorporated into the product and were not done, then an actionable claim could be brought.

If you were seriously injured on a Segway from any of these causes and are represented by an attorney, then you may be aware of a defect in the Segway that led to your accident. The manufacturer or designer of the product, however, will usually defend itself in such instances since it could be liable for millions of dollars in damages. In cases like yours, the defendant may also allege that your were responsible for your own injuries by not operating the device as it was intended, that you failed to teach yourself how to safely use it, or that you took an unreasonable risk. Fighting for your rights and for the compensation you deserve can be a long and arduous process that can take years. Some victims get frustrated and opt to settle for whatever they can get. Others face financial hardship and file for bankruptcy, unable to meet pressing financial needs from an onslaught of unpaid medical bills, and/or their inability to return to work.

If you are facing similar circumstances, then you may be able to use the resources of Lawsuit Cash Today, one of the premiere legal funding companies. Lawsuit Cash Today offers seriously injured victims of Segway accidents, or of any other personal injury accident, cash advances on their lawsuits before they settle or are resolved. We do this by leveraging the payments to you against the future settlement of your case. We are only paid when your case settles. And because our funds are non-recourse, you do no have to pay us back if you lose your case.

Consider what Lawsuit Cash Today has to offer you:

  • 24/7 access to our company
  • No credit check or employment verification is necessary
  • Direct funding so no outside funders are consulted on your case
  • Flexible and highly competitive rates
  • A free, online application you can quickly complete and submit
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • No monthly payments
  • No collateral
  • Fast approval and funding within 24 hours in many cases
  • Large or small cash advances

All you need to qualify is that you have a serious injury, such as an injury from a Segway accident, a viable lawsuit, and are represented by an attorney. If you fit this qualification, then complete our free, online application or call us today. Our representatives are always available to help or to answer any questions. With no need for a credit check or employment verification, we could be talking to your attorney within days or less once we receive your application. If we approve your request, which could be done in one day or two, we will immediately send you and your attorney our terms and cash offer. Should you accept our offer, you can have your funds in as little as 24 hours. Imagine getting financial relief now for your lawsuit instead of years from now.

Don’t worry about making monthly payments to us or risk losing your car or other collateral. With Lawsuit Cash Today, all you have to concern yourself with is recovering from your injuries. We also offer post-settlement advances if you are experiencing a delay in getting your funds. If you have a structured settlement and would like more cash, contact us. We can purchase one or several structured settlement payments, or even whole annuities from people who want their cash now. Segway injuries can result in serious losses to you. But having cash now for your lawsuit can alleviate some of that stress and hardship. Contact us today and see if we can help.