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“When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, There is no doubt that your life has changed.That is why I want to take this opportunity to thank the efficient and considerate professionals at Lawsuit Cash Today.They provided invaluable assistance during the long drawn out legal battle that was necessary – If we wanted to receive the largest possible settlement in our pending case. As a result of their capable and caring staff working hard for us,,we were able to stay in our home in the face of foreclosure and a tide of mounting debt. It’s stressful enough when a family member is seriously injured, without having to worry about losing everything you have worked so hard for. When things were at their very worse, we were able to turn to Lawsuit Cash Today who provided the funds needed to cope with this difficult ordeal. I do not have enough words to express how grateful and thankful we are for the great help Lawsuit Cash Today has provided to our family, Thanks again !”

Jason, Texas

“Two years ago my husband and I were injured in a terrible car accident. This accident left my husband with injuries so serious that made it difficult if not impossible for him to return to work. My injuries were not quite as severe,, so in the process of my rehabilitation, I was trying to find a job and at the same time take care of our three young children. Household bills were starting to pile up and the mortgage finance company was threatening to begin foreclosing on my home. I had contacted my attorney and asked him if he can settle mine or my husband’s case for any amount just to be able to stay in my home and pay some bills. That is when he advised me of a lawsuit cash advance company called Lawsuit Cash Today. Immediately I called them. This company was so helpful to me in many ways. I spoke to very considerate and knowledgeable personnel each time I called,. Lawsuit Cash Today told me that they would try their best to help me as quickly as possible.and I am happy to say…………” I am still living in my home”. I would recommend Lawsuit Cash Today to any of my closest friends and family.”

Jennifer, California

“Hi, my name is Tim and I would like to share something with you.

Recently, I was involved in a serious car accident.through no fault of my own.

Being hit in the rear by a large garbage truck is a scary and painful experience.

As you are being transported to the emergency room you soon realize that your life is going to be very different while you are confined to a hospital bed.

Eventually, I had to have a spinal fusion surgery and then months of rehabilitation therapy.

How do I support myself and my family while I am out of work?

My attorney told me I have a great case. He also told me It could take a year to settle if we wanted to receive the largest settlement we could from the insurance company.

He advised me to seek a lawsuit cash advance to allow me to pay my bills while he fought my case.

Luckily,my wife spoke with a girlfriend who had a similar experience. She recommended “Lawsuit Cash Today” explaining that they helped her through her slip and fall litigation.

She filed out the simple 4 line application and started the process..

I was so pleased with the results.”Lawsuit Cash Today” got us the amount of money we needed enabling us to get the amount of money we deserved from my settlement.

The bottom line is—-,from my personal experience, I would recommend “Lawsuit Cash Today” to anyone who needs financial help while their lawsuit is pending.”

Tim, AK

“Hi! I’m Sam and I am so happy to tell you about my amazing experience with I recently found myself involved in a lawsuit due to no fault of my own. I knew that the right attorney would be able to represent me and make it clear that I was in no way liable for what had happened. However, as we all know, attorneys don’t come cheap these days. And I’m sure as many people have found out, you need to get funds easily and quickly when you are in this situation. This is where came in. It was immediately apparent that I had contacted the right source of a lawsuit cash advance. After listening to the details of my situation, they let me know the exact financial information that I needed to gather together so I could get the lawsuit cash advance quickly. I don’t know where I would be right now without and their lawsuit cash advance! I can’t tell you what a welcome relief it was when they took control of the situation and helped me get back my peace of mind.”

Sam– CA

“They completed my loan in an experienced and fast manner. My attorney, who was reluctant for me to borrow money was so impressed.”

Helen Pruitt- Ga.

“The professional yet personal way they conduct business made a very tough time in our lives bearable.”


“LCT has the ability to do funding in a timely manner at fair rates. ”


“Wonderful staff, easy forms, and speed delivery of my money. ”

Alberto Martinez-TEX.