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Tort Pre-settlement Finance

Tort Lawsuit Funding – Tort Loans

Tort basically refers to the part of the law where someone’s behaviour has caused another to experience harm or a loss unfairly. Tort may be intentional harm (e.g. someone punching another) or unintentional harm (e.g. car accidents). Tort does not always refer to illegal acts but rather where an individual or individuals has suffered a loss of some kind. If it can be legally proven that you have suffered losses due to the actions of another it is possible to receive monetary compensation for that loss. Tort law covers an incredibly broad variety of cases including but not limited to car accidents, battery, false imprisonment, trespassing, product liability and all kinds of negligence based cases.Sometimes these cases take a long time to litigate. Meanwhile your expenses keep on running.

Cases of tort are split into a number of different categories:A few are listed below.

  1. Intentional Torts e.g. assault, battery
  2. Nuisance Torts e.g. creating a public nuisance
  3. Property Torts e.g. trespassing
  4. Negligence Torts e.g. duty of care and standard of care
  5. Dignitary Torts e.g. defamation or invasion of privacy
  6. Liability Torts e.g. product liability
  7. Defense Torts e.g. consent, self defense
  8. Economic Torts e.g. fraud and conspiracy
  9. Product liability Torts

If you have personally suffered a loss financially, emotionally or to your reputation as a result of the act/s of another? If so, then you may be eligible for tort lawsuit funding or a lawsuit cash advance. Lawsuit Cash Today can  provide pre-settlement tort lawsuit funding or plaintiff funding on a non-recourse basis. This means that:

  1. We will give you access to funding while your case is being litigated
  2. We will not require you to pay back even a single dollar unless you win or settle your case.

In any case your first action should be to seek the advice of a lawyer. Once you have good legal representation then you are pre-approved for Tort Lawsuit Funding or pre-settlement advance and we will be able to get your funds to you very quickly. In many cases we can provide your funding within 24 hours.Lawsuit Cash Today will always give you the best support we can during what can often be a very stressful time in a person’s life. Our Tort Lawsuit Funding service is designed to get rapid financial help to you and your family when it is needed most.

Wikipedia has a list of famous tort cases ( that should help you to understand more about this area of the law.

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