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Vaginal Bladder Sling Lawsuit Funding

Vaginal Bladder Sling Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance

You may be one of over 100,000 women since 2010 with pelvic organ prolapse who have had vaginal bladder slings, or meshes, implanted to repair the condition. A pelvic organ prolapse (POP) refers to a condition whereby pelvic organs fall into the vaginal wall. POP can happen to women of any age, from a difficult delivery of a child to elderly women. Complications from this circumstance can cause difficulty urinating and extreme discomfort. As a result, surgeons had been using a mesh to hold the pelvic organs in place.

Transvaginal mesh implants or bladder slings have been used since before 2008 when reports of injuries and adverse events from use of these devices began to stream into the FDA. According to these complaints, a number of transvaginal mesh and bladder sling products have caused numerous injuries and complications including scar tissue, painful intercourse, difficulty urinating, pain, bleeding, and mesh erosion leading to infections and even a recurrence of prolapsed organs.

Some of the manufacturers of these pelvic support systems that have been reportedly causing problems include the following:

  • Boston Scientific Uphold and Pinnacle
  • Ethicon Gynecare Gynemesh, Polene, Prolift Mesh or TVT Sling
  • Bard Avaulta Pelvic Floor Repair Systems
  • American Medical Systems (AMS) Apogee
  • Posterior and Total Pelvic Floor Repair Systems
  • UGYTEX Dual Knit Mesh
  • Coviden IVS Tunneler Sling

In 2011, the FDA issued a statement in response to reported complications from the use of vaginal mesh to repair pelvic organ prolapse and recommended that surgeons and physicians refrain from using vaginal mesh. The agency has stated that use of vaginal bladder slings or vaginal mesh products may expose patients to greater risk than from other surgical options.

Lawsuits have been filed against these companies alleging a failure to conduct proper tests before marketing their devices. Victims have had to undergo additional surgeries and risks as a result. If you are a victim, you know the pain, embarrassment, and financial consequences of your condition, as well as the uncertainty of your future. Suing a manufacturer may give you some sense of satisfaction, but having to wait months or years for your injury claim to settle or go to trial can be a trying experience that many injury victims would rather not endure.

Lawsuit Cash Today Can Be a Valuable Resource

Imagine, however, that you did not have to wait agonizing months or years before realizing any compensation for your injury, or have to consider taking a settlement for less than the true value of your case. With Lawsuit Cash Today, we offer you a valuable resource where you may be able to get a cash advance leveraged against the future settlement of your lawsuit or cash judgment.

We are a legal funding company that offers large and small cash advances. If you have a substantial injury, a viable injury claim, and are represented by an attorney, then you are already pre-approved. All funds from Lawsuit Cash Today are non-recourse. We are only paid from the proceeds of your settlement or money judgement; and if you should lose your case, you owe us nothing. The risk is ours to take. And there are no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Look at What Lawsuit Cash Today Can Do for You

  • We offer 24/7 access
  • No credit check or employment verification is necessary
  • We are direct funders so no outside funders are consulted on your case
  • Flexible and highly competitive rates
  • A free, online application you can quickly complete and submit
  • No monthly payments
  • No collateral
  • Fast approval and funding within 24 hours in many cases
  • Large or small cash advances

All you need to do is to complete our free, online application or call us with the information if you prefer. There is no need for a credit check or employment verification, so we could be talking to your attorney the same day you submit your application. If we approve your request, which can be done in one day in some cases, we will immediately send you and your attorney our terms and cash offer. Should you accept our offer, you can have your funds in as little as 24 hours. Waiting months or years for much needed funds is no longer necessary.

Don’t worry about making monthly payments to us or risk losing your car or other collateral. With Lawsuit Cash Today, all you have to concern yourself with is recovering from your injuries. We also offer post-settlement advances if you are experiencing a delay in getting your funds. If you have a structured settlement and would like more cash, contact us. We can purchase one or several structured settlement payments, or even whole annuities from people who want their cash now. You no longer have to worry about when your case will settle before getting some of the compensation you deserve. And don’t be tempted by settling early for less than the value of your injury claim. You have a valuable resource in Lawsuit Cash Today. Contact us today and see if we can help.