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Whistleblower Lawsuit Cash Advances

There is a federal law against those individuals and organizations who defrauds the government. The False Claims Act has allowed any individual not in government to file the case. This is called a “Qui Tam” provision. A person with substantial knowledge that fraud occurred is often referred to as a “whistleblower” or “whistleblower” to the Qui Tam case. It is not necessary that the whistleblower is a victim of the fraud. What is required is that the information provided by the whistleblower is something that is not public knowledge. The whistleblower information to pursue of the Qui Tam case must be reliable and fresh. The whistleblower information can help government decide whether to join the Qui Tam case or not. The government will do its own independent investigation on the matter and will base the decision to join on the result of the investigation. Because the whistleblower of the Qui Tam case undertakes a personal risk for filing the case, there is a 15-25% share of the amount recovered from the Qui Tam case. This is for the reason that: had the whistleblower kept silent, the government would not have recovered the amount.

A whistleblower will learn that Qui Tam case is no ordinary case. A whistleblower needs to hire a lawyer to look into the evidence whether it merits a Qui Tam lawsuit. A whistleblower cannot file the Qui Tam lawsuit alone. A whistleblower together with the lawyer files the case in court and it is sealed. The government will start investigating on the Qui Tam case. The defendant will not even know that there is a Qui Tam case filed against them. Usually, the government is given 60 days to investigate. After which, the government decides whether to intervene or not. There are cases where the government decides not to intervene and just leave the whistleblower and its lawyer to decide whether to pursue the Qui Tam case. This does not mean that the whistleblower will not find success this way. In this case, the whistleblower can get as much as 30% of the recovered amount should the case wins. A Qui Tam case is worth pursuing because government is losing money over these fraudulent claims. This act of the whistleblower can help a greater number of people. Qui Tam cases filed by a whistleblower often involve Medicare billing, government equipment especially those involved with national defense and goods/services under a government contract. A Qui Tam case is a huge case monetarily because the government can claim up to three times the defrauded amount which can bring a substantial amount to the whistleblower. The False Claims Act which is the bases for the Qui Tam case is meant to empower a whistleblower in helping government pursue those who commit fraud.

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