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Work Accidents Lawsuit Funding

Work Accident Lawsuit Funding Settlement Cash Advance

Have you suffered a serious injury at work? Whether your job is white collar or one that involves considerable risk, like construction, your injury can be devastating and cause you extreme financial hardship. The dangers of construction accidents are well-known. Slipping at great heights, falling as a result of a defective scaffold or ladder, explosions, exposure to chemicals, or being struck by falling objects are just some of the risks construction workers face every day.

For office workers, laborers, or drivers, there are hazards in the workplace that can cause you to lose considerable time from work, incur wage losses, and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. If you are a driver, you risk collisions with distracted or intoxicated motorists or accidents from defectively designed roadways. Factory workers face hearing loss, exposure to chemicals and gas, electrocution, explosions, and being struck by objects. Office workers can slip and fall on slippery, hazardous surfaces or from poor lighting, and risk being assaulted in dark parking lots. Motion and ergonomic injuries can seriously impair some workers causing tendon and joint injuries that can require long periods of rehabilitation and even surgery.

If you were injured on the job and are having problems collecting worker’s compensation benefits or have had to file an injury claim against a third party for defectively designed equipment or because of other negligent conduct, you may be having some serious financial issues. Even if you are receiving benefits or some compensation from disability or other insurance, it is often insufficient to meet all your daily needs or to pay for much needed medical care. Waiting for your lawsuit to settle or resolve can be interminable. But you don’t have to wait for your settlement or money judgment any longer with legal funding.

Use Your Lawsuit to Get Cash Now

You could go to a bank and ask them on bended knee for cash. Banks require collateral, sound credit, a steady source of income, cosigners, tax returns, and regular monthly payments. With Lawsuit Cash Today, though, none of that is necessary.

Lawsuit Cash Today is a legal funding company offering pre-settlement cash advances to seriously injured workers. With superior customer service, highly competitive rates, and quick approvals, you could have funds in your pocket within days of submitting your application. We do not require collateral, cosigners, or that you have good credit or even a job. We can do this because all our funds are non-recourse. Our cash advances are leveraged against the future resolution of your case. We are paid only when your lawsuit settles or resolves. Should you lose your case, you have no obligation to pay us back.

Simply complete our free, online application. It is easy to fill out and we could be talking to your attorney about your case the same day you submit it. As direct funders, we do not have to consult or wait for outside funders to approve your application. If we do approve your request, our documents, terms and cash offer will be promptly sent to you and your attorney for review. Should you accept, we will get your cash advance to you within 24 hours in many cases. Don’t wait endless months for your compensation. We are open 7 days a week. Contact Lawsuit Cash Today and see how we can help.